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Pure CBD pain medicine has been proven highly effective to cure, reduce, or stabilize the following medical conditions:


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Inflamed Intestines

Spinal Injuries
Bone Injuries
Pets-degenerative diseases

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Founder of Pure CBD Pain Medicine

Evolution of The Medicine Man
The Medicine Man, Eric Porter


The medicine man was created to help find natural cures to the accumulation of sports related injuries throughout my life that had weakened my body.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer… I literally cried for a week. I had a pity party for myself  until I realized everyone had more faith in me to beat cancer than I did. It was at that moment that I went into fight mode. Cancer was about to have the biggest fight in front of it and had just been dealt a losing hand. In 2020, I am now cancer free.

So after multiple injuries, cancer, and many pain medications that seemed to make the situation worse, I started The Medicine Man offering solutions for all types of pain based with Pure CBD oils. This is my passion and I spend much of my time in the lab creating products that will make everyone’s quality of life so much better.

I also own Bubble Booty Boot Camp, teach 5 classes a day and have a plant based food service for my campers county wide.

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The Medicine Man, Eric Porter


My mother was the family medicine woman. She always knew what plants and herbs made powerful natural cures to heal us as kids growing up.

I remember a time when I was in high school playing sports. I was in the 4th game of my senior year when I suffered a grade 2 sprain on my right knee. I was in tears the entire night, and all the way to doctors, knowing my only chance to get a scholarship was slipping away. My mom made these herb poultices that shrunk the swelling, saved my season, saved my high school team, saved my CIF run, and saved my scholarship to the university of Wyoming. Little did I know, after 3 years of playing sports, I had developed a neck injury going into college. After football I was involved in several car accidents which took the rest of what little neck I had left.

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As time went on, I found myself experiencing all kinds of new issues that were in direct relation to my neck injuries. My arms would start going numb, I had terrible headaches that I didn’t used to have, my body was in constant pain, I had body stiffness, foot injuries, back pain and more. At one point I had to take so many anti-inflammatory pills that I was too dazed to teach one of my health classes. I found myself taking over ten pills which eventually created a stomach ulcer from all the medication.

One day I woke up and realized I was causing even more harm to my body with pharmaceutical drugs. I started researching natural alternatives for pain with little to no side effects. I was able to eventually throw every pill away and instead stock up on only natural cures that I learned about that not only eased my pain but also saved my stomach.

This was the starting point in my quest for healing and a few years later The Medicine Man CBD was formed to help others with pain management and success.

CBD is the most misunderstood drug right next to cannabis for medical usage. All my products are the creation of a lifetime of self medication and lack of proper insurances outside of football.

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